Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Introduced Marine Pest Information System (NIMPIS)?

NIMPIS is a central repository for the biology, ecology and distribution of over 100 introduced marine pest species. It can be accessed by the general public anonymously or an account can be created to receive notification via email for updates on species profiles or new detections of marine pests in your state or territory.


What is an introduced marine pests?

Introduced marine pests are marine plants or animals that are not native to Australia but have been introduced by human activities such as shipping. They have the potential to significantly impact our marine industries and our environment.


What is the difference between a marine pest and an introduced marine species?

Australia has over 250 introduced marine species. Fortunately most have little impact but some, may become invasive, reaching high densities and outcompeting native marine plants and animals. It these introduced marine species that cause environmental, economic, social or affect human health in some way, which are considered to be deemed a marine pest.


Who created NIMPIS?

NIMPIS was originally developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). In 2009, the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment assumed responsibility for NIMPIS on behalf of the National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pest Incursions. In 2019, with assistance of Spatial Intelligence Pty Ltd, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has undertaken a significant upgrade of NIMPIS including updating the data on selected species, rebuilding the database structure and improving the webpage appearance and functionality.


Who can access NIMPIS?

NIMPIS can be accessed anonymously by anyone. Species profiles and surveillance information can viewed without a need for registration.


What is the benefit of registering?

Registered users can receive notifications when a new species is published on NIMPIS, when existing species are updated, or when a species is detected in a new location within Australia. Registered users have the option to select the frequency of notifications (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), the type of species they wish to receive notifications on (e.g. all species or selected species) as well as the location of new species detections (e.g. nationally or within a specific state/territory).


How do I register?

On the registration page, you must provide your email address and your first and last name. Click the ‘Register’ button. Once the registration is approved (within 24-48 hours), further instructions will be sent to the email address provided with a link to the account activation page.

After successfully activating your account, you will be logged in automatically and taken to the two-factor authentication page. A supported authenticator app will need to be installed on a mobile, tablet, computer ect. The two-factor authentication account will have to be added to your NIMPIS account. This will provide a numeric code every 30 seconds that will be requested each time you log on to the website.

Further information can be found in the NIMPIS manual or you can contact us with any questions.


How do I find what marine pests are established in my state or territory?

There are two ways to identify what introduced marine pests are in your state or territory.

  • On the Species page, select the drop down menu under Detected in. This will list all the states and territories within Australia. Select the desired location and select search. A list of species detected in that selected location will be presented . For further information on each species select open.
  • On the Map page, listed under the Species Filter, find the desired location within the Detected in drop down menu. Select the location and select search. The map will display the locations of those species detected in your state, as well as where they are also found across Australia. Further information can be found on the species by selected the icon on the map. Note: The Species Layer tab will also list the names of the species detected within the selected location.


How do I modify my notification settings (Registered Users Only)?

This information can be found in the NIMPIS manual.


Can I receive notifications when a new species has been detected in Australian waters?

Yes. However, you have to register on NIMPIS to receive notifications. For further information on registration and notification setting please see the manual.


Where do I find the meaning of some words?

Further information on some of the terms used within NIMPIS can be found in the Glossary.


I think I found a marine pest, how do I search for it on the website?

On the species page, you can limit your search using the search criteria. This may include the name, invasion status, taxonomic group, or the location where it was detected in.


Who do I contact if I think I have found a marine pest?

You can Report a Pest on NIMPIS. Otherwise you can directly contact your state or territory authority here.


What if I have more questions?

Please review the NIMPIS manual or contact us for further information.

General information on marine pests can be found at www.marinepests.gov.au.


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